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Please Welcome   Our  Lady is Down  Featured Artist of The Month

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OK folk's, for a twist this  Months Artist of The Month is .....

            >>>>>>>>  MOI !  <<<<<<<

"Tonite the role of Yankee30 will be played by.... Yankee30"

"And Now...(drum roll)  It's June's AOM, The Lady is Down Admin ..
Give it up for     Yankeeeeee  Thiiirrrteeee !!

(stage ligths up, cue the theme music)

Fan mail I receive  people wanted me to interview myself in the format I've interviewed others

Now talking to ones self is considered, strange, in many circles, however, Albert Einstein often said "Himself  presented and answered the most intriguing questions to.. Himself"

So here goes   I now share my sublime mind with you , about my art here at DA

TLD: What made you create The Lady is Down & What made you join DA ?

Y30:  I found DA by search actually so you can say I found my way here by accident.  I really enjoy tasteful non gore DiD artwork and I am a huge fan of artwork featuring women in repose

From 1999 to about 2008 there were abundant web pages featuring DiD photography, original art, and stories such as   .

However as many of , these site began to ask for subscriber fees and content smack down from Geocites, AOL and Yahoo the amount of available DiD content began to disappear.    DA appears to be the last bastion for this type of artwork for free so I began this page to gather the like minded artists together.  based on the daily traffic it appears people are enjoying themselves here

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TLD: Can you share with us the history behind how you got started using DAZ/Poser ?

Y30:  My ability to freehand draw/paint is shall we say, limited.  Also i was too cheap to pay $800 for Photoshop so when DAZ put up the V3 content for free along with ShareCG and Renderosity freebees, this drew me  in as an opp to create the scenes from my perspective

TLD: Where does your character inspiration come from ?

Y30 Since i was young I have had a fascination with spy stories. From the original Bond movies of the Connery era, through Mission Impossible , Alias, Bourne Identity, Modesty Blaise, Le Femme Nikita,  Clancy and Coonts novels and now FX The Americans  the art ideas pop into my head.

Also 60-70's era US  television often featured women getting KOed,

The idea starts as a story in my mind .  I may write a one pager, sketch the idea, then construct it in DAZ  

Strong female leads in movies turn me on and I'm happy to see the Bond movies evolve the female characters to women who look sexy and can take charge of the situation

I've always loved pulp art old paperbacks and comics.   It's unrealistic to the nth degree, but also has extremely sexy depictions of gorgeous gals in peril, and many more on top of the situation , so that's the direction most of my stuff takes.

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TLD: So why 3D and not Traditional Art ?

Y30  My tradition art skills....still in development hell

TLD: About your clothing, props and scenes, amazing attention to detail in a object rich 3D environment. Are these purchased from the web or your own creation ?

Y30 About  a even 3 way split between purchased/freebee/created by me.  i use digital pics of real scenes and materials and incorporated them into the  3D

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TLD: Are the render times significantly large for one scene

Y30:  Depending on how much lighting and how much hair (complex render) a full 3D is 10-20 min.
"Cartooned" pages take about 2 hours per cell as they are built up in layers using DAZ and Corel Painter with the finishing in Corel and/or Serif

TLD: Your art, photography history, are you formally trained or self taught?

Y30:  All self taught. Thanks for YouTube  tutorials

TLD: Are you able to produce 3D effects first shot with the render engine alone or done with after processing? (PhotoShop, DigiMod, etc)

Y30: usually I can get it right in DAZ but  Serif photo plus can be used to  either warm up on cool down the color tones in the scene

TLD: Fave rendering software ?

Y30:  DAZ  3.5  with my custom 3D render engine

TLD:  Backgrounds to your shots, great realism, do you adapt the detail from motion pictures

Y30: Absolutely,  i also study  other great artists at DA and Renderosity

TLD: Who is your favorite comic artist?

Y30"  Im Old School  so Stan Lee's Marvel  lexicon does t for me.  I love the way J Scott Campbell and Michael Turner draw women.  Total fantasy, by eye catching and pleasing

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TLD: Who is your favorite action movie director/producer?

Y30:  Quintin Tarantino John Mc Tiernan , Antoine Fuqua and John Woo,.  
Martin Campbell's work in the Daniel Craig Bond movies so far are underrated classics

TLD: Last Question. Any advice for those wishing to enter the world of 3D art rendering and illustration ?

Y30:  Do it!Baby   feel free to experiment.  Be patient and  remember .....

                               Lighting, Lighting, Lighting !!!

If the 3D image tells the story without a caption,  You've got it !

View the You Tube toots. they're free

Read one book on photography, especially how to make a great portrait and not a snapshot

And remember DAZ ,ShareCG, and Renderosity are free. They're the minor leagues so find your swing there before paying the big bucks for Poser and Photoshop (recommend for Pros Only)

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