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The Ultimate Man Magazine

Manly-Man Occupation of the Month

Interview with The Tranq Downwer

The  Tranqdowner  is a man with a unique profession. His business involves operating as a hitman for hire, but in a non-lethal way. The Tranqdowner  hunts his prey with non-lethal tranquilizer darts similar to a zoologist, tranq darting a wild animal for field study, incapacitating the target but never killing.

All of his clients are males all of his targets are female. Being a female I definitely felt like there were crosshairs on my neck, tits, & ass during this interview, (Maybe I should have worn an outfit that wasn’t so form fitting?)

The  Tranqdowner  is an American, middle aged, handsome man, and although bluntly direct, very charming.

UM: “How did you get into this “profession” ?”

TD: “I was in the Intell  business, and let's keep it at that. Cold War ended  I got tired of the "New World Order" politics and decided to freelance my skill”

UM: “Who are your clients, and what does it cost ?”

TD: “The clients are shall we say “Top Men” with the cash to pay my fee, and that fee is “condition dependant” They all want one of the following things:”

1) Rescue their idiot daughter from the religious cult or urban crack-house and return her

2) Rescue their woman that is a “guest worker” (translation, kept as a sex slave) by
by some rich asshole in a 3rd world shithole country.

3) Get revenge and incriminating evidence on a cheating wife

4) Re-kidnap women being held for ransom, for a rich man that refuses to pay the ransom.

“There are some other jobs I cant go into detail about, such as “recalling” female sleeper assassins for "A Eurasian Client"

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UM: “We have all seen in nature shows, when someone tranq darts an wild animal it takes several minutes for the tranquilizer to take effect and then the animal just drops from drugged stupor and is unable to run or put up a prolonged fight, but still is eyes open. You say you in your “resume” can knock any woman out cold in 5-10 seconds with a tranq dart, is that really possible?

TD: “Yep. But you gotta flip her switch.”

UM “Flip her switch?”

TD: “Yep. There are two types of tranq darts out there. The traditional serum based hypo dart pumps a tranquilizer serum that causes near instant muscle paralysis puts the brain into a REM level of sleep. The newer technology is a wireless tazer that delivers a high voltage shock at a frequency level that will freeze the muscles and put a brain into a deep REM sleep in about 10 seconds. In both cases the dart has to pierce at a body zone that the voltage and/or serum has a short path to the brain. This happens through the spinal cord for electric, and through the major arteries for serum, as micro agents suspended in the serum travel through the arteries to the brain and start switching off the neurons that govern consciousness”

“In each case a effectively placed dart shot “flips her switch” quick transforming the brain functions from conscious to deep sleep, kinda like flipping a wall mounted light switch”

UM: “Which type to you prefer?”

TD: “Electric. Although only 90% reliable, if the first dart doesn’t down her, the shock will stun and disorient her enough so I can get another dart into her. You have to be careful with the serum hypo dart because direct shot to the heart or diaphragm can cause a cardio/pulmonary arrest. I don’t like carrying cardio defibrillators on the job”

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UM: “Which brings me to an interesting point. Most fantasy drawings like comic books show a woman getting shot with a tranq dart in the ass and then dropping to the floor seconds later out cold. Is this realistic?”

TD“In the real world it isn’t, the whole issue about ass shots was probably started by some guy who has an ass fetish or watches too much animal planet.”

“ I’ll admit the ass on a woman makes a sexy target to shoot at because it’s a nice hunk of flesh for the dart to stick into. However, in reality, downing someone quick and quiet with a tranq dart in a single shot is all about getting voltage and/or tranq serum to the brain ASAP. Hunters that know what they are doing go for the base of the skull at the neck, the upper back at the spine, or upper torso  if you can’t get your girl from behind.”

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“In situations where you have to be stealthy and take her down without her making a sound (except an unconscious body thudding to the floor), you want to go for the neck. The key reason why, an ass shot with a hypo dart actually takes a few minutes, and possibly a second dart, to drop her. An ass shot can work with high voltage tazer dart because the voltage would travel a neuron path through the spinal cord to the brain. Big picture, any one that gets hit with 50K volts from the neck, or spine they’re going to lie down”

UM: “Does this hurt the girls?”

TD: “As far a permanent injury, no. She’ll come out of her sleep like after a night of heavy partying. Feeling fucked up, with a hang over and dry mouth, no memory of that last 20-40 hours.
a little sore from the dart and maybe bruised on whatever part of her body hit the hard ground,
which is usually her ass, but no permanent injury”

UM: “You mentioned some of your jobs involve rescue of abducted and captive women, Why do you have to use a tranq dart on them?”

TD: “Stockholm Syndrome my dear. Religious cults, white slavers, and pimps can brainwash and
drug their captives to sympathize with their cause and turn against every one they have known. An unconscious body is a cooperative body”

UM: “Are there an Jobs you absolutely won’t take”

TD: “As the fictional gangster Tony Montana used to say “NO KIDS!!” (except for cult rescues). Also I won’t take a job that involves acquiring women for White Slavery (or any other color) of enslavement for sex. I hate those bastards that get involved in that”

UM: “What were the most thrilling jobs you have taken”

TD: “The Two Slut Socialites”

“A famous socialite decided herself she was too good to do jail time for a multiple DWI convictions. I “fixed” that problem. For extra profit a wealthy Armenian family hired me to drop, tag, and bag their curvaceous, promiscuous, alley cat slut of a daughter, and bring her in for “counseling”

“A President of a famous country once questioned my effectiveness in completing a job. As a calling card I left his twin daughters NAKED and purring on his executive desk.”

UM: “Thank you Hunter. One last question, when I leave here today will you tranq me?”

TD: (with a wry smile and a twinkle in his eyes) ..........“

"With that tight skirt on my dear, your ass makes an irresistible target”

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