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Presenting Our Featured Artist of The Month
Dames in Repose in Wonderful Pen and Ink, and more recently in 3D,
Tres 'Magnifique'

Please Welcome,  The Legend !!


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              Monsieur Paul

Monsieur Paul is one of the Internet's most talented masters of 3D art using the talents of hand drawn pen and ink.

His work features the perils of young super heroines captured and chloroformed into slumber in a classic newspaper strip style.

His work has a little "Je ne sais quoi" with amazing details and has been featured in many web sites such as Sleepy Comics for years.

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TLD: How do' Sir? and thanx for the 3D artwork you've shared with us here at The Lady is Down.
What made you join DA ?

MP: Firstly, as you know or not, I'm French.

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So before we start, I'd like to apologize in advance for the possible English mistakes I may do.
Now, if you're an artist, I suppose that once you've found DA, you've found your very own social network.
Being able to share my work with thousands of other artists and viewers is priceless.
There's no other site like this.

TLD: Can you share with us the history behind how you got started in Pen & Ink ?

MP: Oh, it's very basic. I come from a family of artists and grew up near Paris. So I was born with a craft and it was almost natural that I chose to study art. I followed the classical courses. Lots of hours drawing in a classroom...

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TLD: Most of your Damsels in Distress Artwork, women in peril in comic book style are similar to old newspaper daily serials, Where does your character inspiration come from ?

MP: It's just a matter of tastes I guess. When it comes to women, what I notice first is their grace. Which means the way they move, how they use their body. I also like a touch of 'femme fatale', what we call 'glamour' in France, which refers to 40's and 50's noir movies, actresses like Rita Hayworth, Lauren Baccall, Maureen o'Sullivan, Monica Vitti, etc... I love the spy genre, so I guess comic strips style was just for me.

TLD: So why Pen and Ink ?

MP: Very simple answer. I'm color blind.
Once I understood I would never be a master of coloring, I focused on lines and shadows. That's what I see first in a picture.
And here again, a certain taste for black & white noir movies.

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TLD: About your clothing, props and scenes, amazing attention to detail in a object rich 3D environment acheived by hand. Do you rotoscope from photographs ?

MP: I can have some pics around to help me, but it's never only one. Also, years of studying anatomy must be of some help I guess. When it comes to props and environement, it's just a matter of adding them to your scene.

TLD: How long does it take to draw one scene ?

MP: My style is based on precision and details, as you noticed. Therefore, it takes time, unfortunately.
Even in 3D. I do huge amount of postwork on my 3D pics.

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TLD: Your art, photography history, are you formally trained or self taught?

MP: I took 5 years of drawing, painting and illustration lessons in Paris. But that was 30 years ago and there weren't any powerful computers in those days. I learned about 3D and Photoshop by myself.

TLD: Fave rendering software such a PShop Waccom, bamboo ?

MP: I use Daz Studio, Photoshop and a high quality heavy mouse. Never could bet used to Wacom boards.

TLD: Amazing backgrounds to your shots, the realism really "sells" the shot and provides a cinematic mood. Do you adapt the detail from motion pictures ?

MP: I don't know, not consciously if it's the case. But nowadays, with the 16:9 format everywhere, I suppose every pic looks cinematic. Overally speaking, imagery industry at large has completety boomed in the last 15 years. It's a very recent thing that the human eye cannot make the difference between a real photo and CGR. Nothing will be the same anymore, for good and worse.

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TLD: Who is your favorite comic artist?

MP: Well, here in Europe, we surely have our comics masters but, strangely, I was attracted by the american school, at a very early age. It started with Jack Kirby or John Buscema, then Neal Adams and Alex Toth. Later, I discovered the pioneers, Gibson Girls, Alex Raymond, I also love the classic 50's Pinup artists, like Elvgren or Vargas.
The artists I love the most are not all comics ones, I love Klimt for the delicacy of his women, as well as Mucha for the sensuality or Norman Rockwell for his love of mankind.

TLD: Who is your favorite action movie director/producer?

MP: I'm not a big fan of action movies, but I'm certainly a steven Spielberg son. I love whatever the Coen brothers do, I think Tarantino is excellent or boring, one every other movie he makes. And I have no problems with Scorcese, Coppola, Woody Allen or Clint Eastwood movies...

TLD: Last Question. Any advice for those wishing to enter the world of 3D art rendering and illustration ?

MP: Yes, don't do it ! We're too numerous!
More seriously, I have no advice at all.
We live in times where there are lots of tools at our disposal to boost our creativity. Most of them are free, or very cheap, like the 3D ones. So just go for it, you have nothing to lose. Just remember to keep humble, that's the best way to constantly improve. Most of us 3D players are not artists, but craftsmen. Art is bigger and deals with high feelings.

Thanks for your attention.


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