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Hypnowalker Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi everyone!. Im going to do a hypno-comic with Cammy, Laura, karin and R.mika from street fighter V (They will be sound asleep, like REM IV). Any request or ideas for each one?
bookwormsteve Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2015
thanks for letting me join
bbwkofan Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2015
Margo got some nice expensive pair of new shoes.
Shoes by keymakernyc  
So the whole day she was getting great compliments on her shoes making her feel great and glad she brought the shoes until.  She heard an an aggressive voice yell "nice shoes I like those" Margo nervously said "thank you" and tried to get away as quick as she can because she sensed trouble.  Again that aggressive voice yelled "I like those shoes".  This time Margo decided it was a good idea to run.  Then Spicee yell " you fucking skinny white bitch where do you think your going with my new shoes"
Bully Spicee by keymakernyc  
Against her better judgement Margo stopped running and marched towards Spicee. 
Margo by keymakernyc  
 She was not going to let this big bully push her around.  The brave much smaller Margo asked "what's your problem" The big brute said "I want those shoes" Margo said "oh you can buy them at---" Spicee interrupted with "no I want the shoes your wearing." Margo replied "I get it now your crazy, have you ever saw Cinderella, my little shoes won't fit your big ass feet." This made Spicee enraged sonshe swung at Margo and missed. Margo saw an opening and slapped Spicee.For an second Spicee was dazed and in shock total disbelief that Margo dare hit her.  Margo then realizing she made a big mistake tried to talk herself out of trouble.  But Spicee didn't care and want to tear Margo apart she than charged at her doing Bill Goldburg's old special move the spear but missed Margo and flew head first into a brick wall.  A loud CRASH was heard Spicee was stuck in the wall.  Margo thought she safe because she could see was Spicee's huge ass because the bitchof her body was inside the wall.  Margo made it to her car and she was about to in until she heard hello bitch.
Margo punched by keymakernyc  
Spicee punched Margo in the face and Margo was instantly cuckooed.  She was seeing birds and heard loud bird chirping.  She then had a silly grin on her face and her eyes got swirly.  
Margo Cuckooed by keymakernyc  
It did not take long for her to see stars her nipples got hard and she hit the ground with a THUD. While Margo was on the ground she slipped off Margo's shoes.  She said while they are off she might as well sniff Margo's feet and she was right they smelled of sweet freshed picked strawberries.  Spicee took off her shoes and placed them next to Margo's head.  She stupidly tried to force Margo's size 8 heels on her big size 12w feet.  Spicee was finally after a few minutes able to stuff her feet into those heels.  She tried to walk in them but both heels broke and a loud BONG was heard as Spicee feel on her big fat ass. Spicee then said stupid shoes.  Margo was beginning to come to and just then the wind shifted and then the funky odor from Spicee's shoes hit Margo her face turned green eyes rolled behind her head stuck out her tongue and was knocked out again.  Spicee stood puzzled and wondered why that always happens when she takes off her shoes.  Then noticed Margo's nipples were hard and she was wet.  Spicee then had an ide.  She lifted Margo over her shoulder and then stuffed Margo in her trunk.  Spicee then began to drive home.

To Be Continued
bbwkofan Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2015
This was the missing seen when Margo slapped Spicee.  DA only allows 5 pictures
Spicee slapped by keymakernyc
MosbyRedux Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2015
Hello to visual artists and watchers out there!  Ever have that problem where you may think of interesting ideas for a written story of sleepiness, peril, or both, but don't feel like writing the tale yourself?  Look no further than :iconsuperman1764:.  He's a fine writer currently looking for prompts and story ideas.

Send him a note, or respond to his journal here.  You can check out his gallery and sample his work while you're at it.  I'm sure he'd be interested in working with you :)
bbwkofan Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2015
Cherokee was taking some mirror selfies (what year is this?) Well while she was distracted trying to find the perfect pose she didn't notice that snuck in.  Damn she got a fat ass so while I enjoying looking at her big old butt.  I was setting up my armmounted crossbow.  But I didn't load it with arrows, I loved it with a syringe filled with a sleeping agent I invented. Aimed and shot.
Cherokee selfie by keymakernyc  
Yeah she going going to deserve just because of her phone get a new phone. The syringe found its target.
Poke by keymakernyc  
A loud POINK sound was heard one the needle pierced her large derriere.  She opened her eyes cartoon wide and screamed when she felt her ass pricked.  But she soon sleeping and fell forward right on her chin. As she laid sleeping on the ground I undress her and carried her to her bed.  While she was out I smacked her ass. She started to wake up so I stuck her with another syringe in the ass.
That's going to hurt by keymakernyc  
She was sleeping again and just because I could I bopped her over the head with a frying pan. I motorboated her butt before I left.  Damn I was so turned on by the sight of her  snoring with the syringe sticking out of her ass.
Cherokee poked by keymakernyc
sweetdreamz12 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
I love this kind of fetish, keep up the GREAT work everyone!!!
bbwkofan Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2015
Spicee was on the set of a movie where she is going to play the role of a street walker turned Superhero in front of a green screen.
Spicee on set by keymakernyc  
After watching her shake her sexy fat ass I saw my chance to get my revenge for missing out on an opportunity to knock Spicee cuckooo at IHOP.  I picked up a nice shiney golf club that would look perfect over her head.
Spicee vs Golf Club by keymakernyc  
I hit Spicee extra hard.  She was knocked silly instantly.  Gravity took over and that lard booty beauty fell on her great fat ass.
Spicee falls by keymakernyc  
Of course when Spicee falls downs its always comedic a sight to behold.  Her large legs in the air is something that I dream of everyday.  Once she hit the ground she was out for the count snoring. It took a whike for her to come out bearlike slumber.

Spicee Poked by keymakernyc  
Spice a little dazed seeing colorful flashing lights tried to get up when I aimed a trident that I borrowed from Aquaman at her enormous rump.  POINK was the heard as i poked her buffalo butt.
Spicee in pain and embarrassed by keymakernyc  
Spicee screamed in pain and the laugher started from the cast and crew that Spicee continues to torement and bully.  Spicee crawled away in embarrassment as the laugher got louder and louder.
HitmonchanDA Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2015  Student General Artist
So what does this have to do with me burning Minions?
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